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Why would you use a Professional CV Writing Service?

Let's be honest there are typically more people looking for new roles than roles available.  This means that a recruiting manager is spoilt for choice. They are also likely to be busy and if you are submitting to a recruitment agent then they will have hundreds of CVs to review.  So yours needs to stand out and it needs to be easy for the reader to quickly see that you are right for their role.   Initially it is unlikely that your CV will get more than 30 seconds of the recruiters time so the challenge is engaging them within that 30 seconds so that they bother to read on.  

With our professional CV writing service we help you by knowing what to leave in and what to take out, but also how best to arrange the information so that within that first 1/2 page we have the recruiter or hiring manager interested.  It is not about making your CV look fancy, but about signposting it effectively and making sure that you are your skills stand out so that you are ticking  boxes for the  employer from the very  start.

Writing your own CV is, of course, possible, but even with all the advice and templates you can find everywhere it is very difficult to see your own CV with truly objective eyes and also difficult to set aside the time needed to really create a great CV.  So let our professional CV writers do the hard work for you and create a CV that will help you stand out from the crowd and take the first steps towards securing your next role

Personal Service and Tailored Approach

As soon as you order a CV writing service from CV Righter we will assign you a professional CV writer who will be your contact throughout the process.  Your writer will start by arranging a consultation call for you.  During this call they will use questioning and coaching techniques to draw out the information they need to draft you a stand out CV and to understand who you are and how they can best represent this on paper. 

Once you receive your draft documents you have the opportunity to query anything you are unsure of and to ask for changes to be made.  We understand that it is you who will need to be able to sell this document during interview and not your writer so you need your CV to be something you are comfortable with and we will work with you to make sure you are happy with your final CV and cover letter.

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