If you are sat there looking at a CV version that is out of date and in urgent need of updating and you don’t know where to start then this guide to updating your CV – Quick Wins is for you.

Sometimes you just don’t have time for updating your CV and just add on your most recent roles but this is missing a trick. So I have devised a short list of hints that can help you to make an impact when updating your CV by only making a few changes.

  1. Focus your efforts on the start of the document.  This is what hooks a reader in so make sure you review the personal statement.  Is it short and punchy? Two sentences is my recommendation
  2. Reformat – ensure the whole document is in a uniform font and reduce margins to maximise space
  3. Add a personal header to the document at the very start. What is your profession? Tell the recruiter quickly and make it bold so at a glance you stand out
  4. Add in keywords up front.  Include short key words under Areas of Expertise section.
  5. Move the key achievements- if you have achievements listed under each role I recommend moving them to the start of the CV in one section so that you quickly show a recruiter you are worth interviewing
  6. Unless you have no work experience remove those hobbies and interests; they are a waste of space

There are lots more hints and tips available on the rest of our blog pages so do check us out and remember if you need further help CV Righter can write your CV for you www.cvrighter.co.uk