If you are sitting down to write your CV then you might be wondering what are the latest CV Writing Trends.  Like everything else in this world CV Writing has trends and just like with fashion it’s hard to keep up with the changes – what’s in and what’s not? CV Righter has done the research for you and put together a brief guide to the CV Writing Trends 2016 that we have seen so that you can be sure that your CV stays bang on trend.


  • Make sure that your CV has a clear and logical structure and use signposts such as headers and bold titles in order to highlight key information and to guide the recruiter through your document.

Keep it short and snappy

  • People are busier and busier so are not going to spend hours reading your CV. They don’t need to know everything you have ever done.
  • Keep sentences and bullet points short and concise – aim for around 2 lines per point that should be about the right level of detail and if everything remains the same length then it also creates visual balance and makes the document easier to read
  • Remove all superfluous information. We have noticed that unless someone has no work experience then interests tend to be removed. Also people are focusing on their past 10-15 years’ experience as these are the most relevant. Think about it if you are CEO no one cares that you once spent a summer frying chips….

Edit yourself

  • Try to have an objective and critical eye when looking at your CV. Once you have finished print it and glance at it quickly. Ask yourself what stands out? Where does my eye go? What did I not see? If the most salient points don’t leap out at you rework that formatting until they do. This is vital as recruiters are seeing vast numbers of CVs so could just be skimming each document initially
  • Ask a friend to take a look for you. Give them no more than 2 minutes to look at it and then see if they can then tell you what your brand and key selling points are. If they can’t you need to think about what they are and make sure it comes across

Know your target market

  • Increasingly we are seeing visual information such as graphs and design elements included on CVs. Visual information is absorbed by the brain faster, but we advise caution here and that you ensure you know your target market. This tends to be more accepted within visually driven professions such as design. It may not have the desired effect in more traditional professions such as banking, insurance, law etc…

Backing up your statements

  • It has become more and more important to be able to back up your claims with fact and data that demonstrates results
  • We advocate including a key achievements section at the start of your CV so that you can really celebrate the contribution you have made to organisations and their success
  • Wherever possible be specific about the results achieved and use quantitative data, but be such you are not sharing confidential information
  • Think about how you present your results i.e. in a small company saving £1000 may be huge, but if you are now going up for a role at Barclays that would be nothing so consider using percentages to show the effect on your organisation more convincingly

Hope you found our CV Writing Trends 2016 article useful and that it helps you write a great CV. Should you need any help with the process then don’t hesitate to get in touch